Tip Jar on Twitter allow to receive Bitcoin & Ethereum tips.

    Tip Jar on Twitter allow to receive Bitcoin & Ethereum tips.

    The Twitter Crypto Tip Jar may soon include the ability to accept bitcoin as a tip. As reported by Verge, reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the functionality and provided images of what the feature would look like when it becomes available.

    Several hours later, Twitter’s head of product, Kayvon Beykpour, reposted Paluzzi’s tweet with the word “soon,” suggesting that the feature is definitely in the pipeline.

    In accordance with Paluzzi’s screenshot, Tip Jar Feature Twitter will make use of the Lightning Network in order to enable users to receive their Bitcoin payments.

    Another image shows that users will be able to collect tips in both Bitcoin and Ethereum and that the site would allow them to add their respective Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses to their profile pages.

    In addition, the screenshot demonstrates that Twitter Crypto Tip Jar is utilising Strike to process Bitcoin payments. A worldwide payments programme, Strike, which utilises Bitcoin and blockchain technology to process payments, is available.

    Also possible is to purchase and sell Bitcoins using this method.

    The Tip Jar function was introduced by Twitter in May of this year. According to the company’s announcement at the time, the functionality would be accessible to a limited number of users who will thereafter be able to add it to their profiles.

    Currently, the Tip Jar will only be visible on the profiles of a limited group of artists, journalists, specialists, and non-profits. Twitter has previously said that the functionality will be made available to more users in the future.

    The inclusion of Twitter’s Tip Jar will be the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at assisting artists on the site in finding a source of revenue. It also serves as a reminder of the increasing significance of bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin has once again surpassed the $50,000 barrier, but Ethereum is also increasing in value, now trading at $3900 and gaining recognition as a payment method.

    Twitter has introduced ‘Super Follows,’ a new method to earn a monthly income from the social network. In June, Twitter announced the addition of RazorPay as the first Indian payment gateway to the Tip Jar, allowing users in India to collect tips on the site as well as users from other countries. Twitter had also stated that the Tip Jar feature will be made accessible in a number of Indian languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, and Tamil, as well as other languages in the region.

    Once a Tip Jar is set up on a user’s profile, their followers may show their support by giving them tips. Because of RazorPay’s support, they will be able to transfer money using a variety of payment methods, including UPI, credit and debit cards, net banking, wallets, and other similar methods of payment.

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